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Hey you!

     Thank you so much for coming to my little corner of the internet.


      I hope that this platform gives you a glimpse of all that I do in my service to the collective via, divination, spiritual sessions, SHADOW WORK SERIES ,retreats               and relocation assistance as in my opinion, all of these are a matter of our individual Divine Creatorship.

 Please know that this is not an exhaustive list of EVERYTHING but my intention is to introduce myself. Feel free to utilize the contact form, or email for further questions. If you are certain of what I may assist you with Book your session ASAP.

   Be at Peace on your path!


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Quantities are limited . Planners are shipped on a first come first served basis. HURRY! While supplies last!!!!!!!!

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A lil bit about the Global Black Girl :-)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Crenshaw and Slauson to be specific, and after witnessing the National Guard appear on the streets of LA in the wake of the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots she made a promise to herself to live a different life. Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower  painted the picture for her and  at 23, with little money, married with 2 children under 4, 3 backpacks and the shoes on their feet, they moved to Uruguay and soon after Brazil for 5 years of adventure. 

In 2018, married and now with a large blended family, a small dog and a shipping container she moved to Costa Rica where she and her family enjoy a serenity and peace that has inspired them to encourage those from their community and others like it ,to consider a new way of life. 

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Marina Montgomery

Thank You!!

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